WAXPOL™ Ultra Glo Premium Car Polish

WAXPOL™ Ultra Glo Premium Car Polish

WAXPOL™ Ultra Glo Premium Car Polish

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A premium pre-softened cream wax consisting of premium waxes, micro-polishing agents and protecting polymers for an easy on-easy off application. Restores the original shine by visually eliminating fine swirls and micro scratches to create clear, deep reflections and yields a brilliant shine with minimum effort. Protects the original paint from UV rays of the sun.

Applicable on all automotive paint finish including metallic and clear coat.


• Wash the car and let it dry.
• Apply with soft and dry cloth by the turning the cloth frequently.
• Wipe off haze with a soft clean and dry cloth to get a dazzling shine.


100gm, 250gm.


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