WAXPOL™ Glass Cleaner

WAXPOL™ Glass Cleaner

WAXPOL™ Glass Cleaner

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Makes Glass Invisible

Waxpol High Performance Glass Cleaner is an extremely powerful yet harmless cleaner, specially formulated to tackle the toughest automotive jobs to restore the brand new look without damaging automobile surfaces.

It is a unique blend of cleaning agents that dries quickly, works faster, and leaves no streaks to give a crystal clear finish with the clarity of Invisible Glass. It cleans and removes bird droppings, bug splatter, extra tough grime, fingerprints, oily dirt, road film, smoke film ,tree sap and vinyl fog residue from automotive glass without streaking and helps prevent rain, bugs and grime from sticking to glass.

Ideal for automotive glass, laboratories, windows, mirrors, showcases, table tops, spectacles, etc.

Using Waxpol Glass Cleaner also ensures 100% germs killing properties, while cleaning with crystal clear shine like never before.


• Wipe out dirt completely with a soft cloth or moistened cloth.
• Hold spray nozzle 6-8 inch from the object and spray.
• Wipe with a soft cloth before the applied surface dries, to ensure a high finish




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