WAXPOL™ Tyre Shine

WAXPOL™ Tyre Shine

WAXPOL™ Tyre Shine

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Tyre Shine- Restores New Look

Waxpol Tyre Shine brings back the original black bold luster of the tyres and prevents premature aging while giving it a deep, non-greasy, natural shine. Unlike cheaper products that contain petroleum distillates and discolour, damage & crack tyres. This oil free formula provides a protective coating on the tyre walls shielding it from the weathering of sun and rain to prevent drying, cracking & fading.

Suitable for all rubber surfaces: tyres, mud flaps, hard vinyl trim, black rubber bumpers.

Waxpol Tyre Shines:
• Provides protection
• Is water resistant
• Has easy flow texture
• Is applied on tyres and rubber mats


SHAKE WELL, Spray Waxpol Tyre Shine to a clean and dry Tyre and spread uniformly. Allow it to dry for 2-5 minutes to leave a protective coating. Apply a second coat for extra gloss.


300ml spray 


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