Marine Varnish

Marine Varnish

Marine Varnish

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Are you looking for a versatile varnish?

You can choose the finish and tint you want.

Glossy, satin or matt, this varnish based on alkyd resins absorbs UV.



This Marine Varnish is the ideal product for all varnishing of indoor and outdoor furniture. Very resistant inside, it is ideal for any surface requiring a great superficial hardness.



  • Before applying it on new wood, sand and clean the surface before applying a layer diluted to 5-10. Leave to dry for 6 hours. Sand the surface again with 400 grit sandpaper before applying a second coat, this time undiluted.
  • For damaged bottoms, thoroughly clean and seal the slots with wood pulp. Proceed in the same way as for new wood.
  • Drying time without dust: 5 hours.
  • Mix well before use to make the product homogeneous.
  • The product can be applied with a brush, a yellow striped roller or a spray gun.
  • Thoroughly clean the equipment with White Spirit after use.



Store in a well-ventilated area, out of direct sunlight and away from heat. DO NOT SMOKE nearby: HIGHLY FLAMMABLE. Close the containers carefully.

In case of contact with the eyes:

Rinse thoroughly with clear water, keeping your eyes open for about 15 minutes. If contact lenses are present, remove immediately if possible before continuing rinsing.


Colours displayed on a computer/laptop/mobile screen might be slightly different to actual paint colour.


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