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Looking for a “top-of-the-range” paint for your home?

Inatanche is the perfect long life paint for you.

With a high-quality pure acrylic resin, this microporous elastomeric coating in aqueous dispersion guarantees optimal waterproofing of any cracked surface crosslinking.


For the surface to be water-repellent, it must be absolutely dry, clean, healthy and free of all remains of old organic coatings. If the concrete has been ruptured by reinforcement corrosion, it is also important to repair it and wash dirty or powdery bottoms with a high-pressure cleaner.



A long life and durable paint for walls and ceilings



  • For best results, Inatanche should be applied by brush or roller. It is necessary to use a special wafer panel (18 mm) to spread 250 to 350g of product per square meter or 320 to 450g per square meter.
  • Apply the product generously in crossed layers. Remove excess paint from equipment before washing with warm, soapy water immediately after use
  • For quality work, never apply the product
  • in rainy or foggy weather. Do not apply to wet, frozen, frosted, or directly exposed surfaces.
  • Before use, remove peeling paint and any impurities or dirt present on the surface to be painted.
  • Mix the paint adequately.
  • Apply the paint with a brush or roller.
  • Allow to dry for one hour and wash equipment to remove any remaining paint.



Colours displayed on a computer/laptop/mobile screen might be slightly different to actual paint colour. 

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