2 Pack Etch Primer

2 Pack Etch Primer

2 Pack Etch Primer

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Are you looking for an undercoat for your non-ferrous metals?

Our 2 pack etch primer will protect your metals from corrosion.

A primary paint system for non-ferrous metal substrates (galvanized steel, copper and aluminum), and substrate preparation.


Primary painting work may be carried out only when the temperature is at least 10 ° C, the relative humidity does not exceed 75% and when there is no longer any risk of condensation.

The elements to be painted are first freed from non-adhering or peeling paint layers and / or any oxide stains with the appropriate means (sanding).

You must apply before painting to allow for a perfect adhesion of the paint.


Without special primer, paints do not hold on aluminum or galvanized surfaces and other non-ferrous metals

The primer for Aluminum zinc chrome is also very effective on a wide variety of materials (PVC, Glass, Plastic, Steel ..). It is a kind of universal primary professional quality, for the fields of bodywork and industry.



An excellent degreasing is required, as well as a careful preparation of the surface. If the surfaces to be protected will remain outside for a long time, we recommend the application of two layers.

Covering with any type of paint, lacquer or varnish after 1h. Yield: 4-5m² / layer.

MIXING: Ready to use.

SOLVE EQUIPMENT: Before and after use with Nitro thinner.


Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with the eyes . Do not inhale or ingest. When applying, wear gloves, mask and protective clothing.


Colours displayed on a computer/laptop/mobile screen might be slightly different to actual paint colour.

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